Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto wear

angla → esperanto
🔗 Why did he wear the hood?
vesti sin per
(go about; tack)
(continue; endure; keep on; last; persist; go on) (plui)
taki ventposte
esti vestita per
🔗 Did you think they wore signs?
baby wearbebovestoj
baby wear
sports wearsportvestoj
wear away
(wear off; wear out)
wear down
(grind down; wear off; wear out)
wear off
(wear away; wear out)
wear off
(grind down; wear down; wear out)
wear out (wear away; wear off)
🔗 Moiraine Sedai said all of your clothes are worn out, and the lady Amalisa had new made to give you.
wear out (grind down; wear down; wear off)erodi
wear out (overtax; use up)eluzi
wear outtrivi