Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto send

angla → esperanto
(remit; submit; transmit)
🔗 At half past nine that night, Tom and Sid were sent to bed as usual.
🔗 Do you really want something sent to the Ukraine right now?
(deport; dismiss; turn away)
🔗 I will send you away, and that will be the end of it, for ever.
send back
(relay; resend)
send for
(bring; fetch; get)
send for (summon)
🔗 That’s why I had to send for you.
(consign; dispatch; forward; ship)
🔗 We took out the shot and sent it off for analysis and 99% of the ammunition we extracted was lead
send on
send on
send onsendi pluen
(relay; send back)