Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto put

angla → esperanto
(lay down; place; set)
(express; register)
(articulate; state; utter; voice)
🔗 Its aim may be to put more pressure on the EU and the US to stop supporting Ukrainian resistance to its military aggression.
put across
(communicate; get across; impart; report)
(waive; lay away)
🔗 Put away your steel.
put away
put away
(enclose; insert; introduce; put in; stow; embed)
put away
(confine; enclose; stow)
put back
(set back; throw back)
put down
(lay; put off; take off)
🔗 Put down that wrench!
put forward (advance; highlight; publicize; call attention to; draw attention to)atentigi pri
put forward
(argue; contend; maintain; put forward arguments)
put in
(enter; input; insert)
put in
(enclose; insert; introduce; put away; stow; embed)
put in use
(start working; get to work; hit the deck; settle to work; set to work)
put off (send about his business)forsendi pretekste
(send about one’s business)
put off (rebuff; send about his business)forsendi ĝentile
(lay; put down; take off)
(adjourn; defer; delay; postpone; procrastinate; shelve)
put on
(activate; actuate; start; switch on; turn on; start off)
🔗 You didn’t put that vest on again?
put on steam
sin streĉi el la haŭto
put on weight
put on weight
(extinguish; quench; stub)
put out
(drug; intoxicate; stun; stupefy)
put out
put to bed
put together
(assemble; build; combine; compose; construct; draught)
put up
(accommodate; entertain; host)
put up
(preserve; process)
🔗 That invasion soon stumbled as Ukrainians put up a fierce defence of their homeland and as Western powers scrambled to send weapons and ammunition to Kyiv while Moscow burned through its own stocks and looked to allies like Iran and North Korea to resupply.
put up with
(afford; carry away; carry out; endure; stand)
put up with
(ail; bear; endure; suffer; sustain)
put up with
(abide; brook; condone; endure; stand; stomach; tolerate; bear)
(entry; insertion; introduction)
(enter; insert; put in)