Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto one

angla → esperanto
(people; they; we; you; a fellow; a man)
🔗 How does one find Pandelume, then?
🔗 One in six care workers in the UK is from overseas, but very few earn the £ 25,600 threshold proposed by the committee.
(any; some kind of; some)
(anybody; anyone; somebody; someone)
🔗 Where may one be found?
🔗 Does Islam worship the one god of Abraham, like Jews and Christians, or some other god?
(; )
(no; nobody; none; not anyone)
🔗 No one troubles me here.
one and only
(singular; unique)
one another (each other)
🔗 Do we understand one another?
unu la alian
the one (he)
🔗 And he is the one who can stop it.
(any; anybody; anyone at all; either)
🔗 You know I can ride as well as anyone in the village.
(anybody; somebody; someone; one)
🔗 He could not even tell anyone.
anyone (anybody; whatsoever; whichever; whoever)kiu ajn
🔗 Where is everyone hiding?
🔗 The first five chapters are designed to provide a working knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
(firstly; first of all; originally)
🔗 Then you go first.
(firstly; primarily)
🔗 But first I believe that the president should tell the American people what evidence he has that this kind of action was carried out by the previous president.
(elementary; initial; introductory; primary)
🔗 It’s not the first time we’ve had this problem.
🔗 Alpha is the first Greek letter.
🔗 This is an adventure book of the first quality.
(occasionally; on occasion; sometimes)
(one time)
(as soon as)
🔗 Because once we run out of hospital beds, we will face something the likes of which we’ve never seen before.
(tuj post kiam)
(American wintergreen; boxberry; checkerberry; deerberry; eastern teaberry)
(their; his; her)
🔗 As the morning carried on, however, Trump grew increasingly frustrated as he viewed cable news coverage of his one‐time campaign chairman arriving at the FBI field office in downtown Washington, believing his former aides’ rôles were being inflated.
(anybody; anyone; somebody; one)
🔗 That someone might be you.
tridek unu