Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto mean

angla → esperanto
(average; centre; middle; midst)
🔗 That wasn’t what I meant.
(denote; imply; represent; signify; stand for)
(intend; plan; propose; plan on)
(average; medium; middle; mid)
voli komprenigi
voli sciigi
(base; depraved; ignoble; low; lowlife; sordid; vile)
(aim; aim at; aim for; target; be after)
(avaricious; miserly; stingy; niggardly) (havema)
🔗 That doesn’t mean Trump won’t try.
by means of
(by; on; through; with; via)
(pere de)
by no means (in no way; not at all; not a whit; on no account; in the least)neniel
🔗 This was not the first time she had squeezed meanings from his words that he never knew were in them.
(agent; gadget; implement; instrument; tool; utensil; medium)
(agency; avenue; expedience; expedient; recourse; remedy; resource; way)
(all the while)
🔗 Meanwhile China—another power that Putin has sought the support of—is also distancing itself from Russia’s war effort.
(at the same time; contemporaneously; simultaneously)