Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto let

angla → esperanto
(allow; leave; release)
(hire; rent; rent out) ()
(allow; enable; permit; make possible)
(allow; permit)
🔗 Too many here have refused to let me help at all.
let alonesen mencii
let down
let go (release)malteni
let in
let off
(discharge; fire; fire off)
🔗 Each letter has one sound only, and any sound is always rendered by one and the same letter.
🔗 Deliver the letter only into his hands and at the earliest possible moment.
outlet (market)aĉetanta regiono
(egress; exit; way out)
🔗 They argue it only gave Sarah Huckabee Sanders another outlet to spread more lies.
(elejo; )