Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto go

angla → esperanto
🔗 He looked over his shoulder, then went to the back wall.
(drive; ride; travel)
(be going to; shall; will)
<futura helpverbo>
🔗 Where do we go to now?
be going to (go; shall; will)<futura helpverbo>
go about
(tack; wear)
go against
(be opposed; be opposed to; object; oppose; impede; rock the boat)
go along with (accede to; agree to)konsenti pri
(absent oneself from; absent oneself; depart; leave)
🔗 Go away from here!
(go backwards)
(turn back)
🔗 Look, let me go back in there and face the peril.
(back; go backwards; reverse; stand back)
go beyond
(rely on; trust)
🔗 A decade seems to have gone by like a long week‐end, but in fact a lot has happened in that time.
go down
(descend; drop; sink; lower oneself)
go down
(alight; descend; get off)
go down
go downŝipveturi laŭflue sur
go down
go for a walk
(stroll; take the air)
🔗 He went in.
(go crazy; lose one’s mind)
go off
go off
(be on the decline; decay; go downhill)
(continue; endure; keep on; last; persist; wear)
🔗 Is this situation going to go on for months?
🔗 Only when he was sure it was just the wind would he go on.
go out
(alight; emerge; exit; get out; leave; quit)
(overhaul; overtake; pass)
🔗 Anne Wildman, who lives along the coast road, described seeing a vehicle go past her home at “high speed” and there were no other cars on the road.
go round
(circle; circumvent; go around)
go through
(cover; pass through)
go through
(live to see)
go through
(encounter; experience; live to see; undergo)
go through
go through
(drop off to sleep; fall asleep)
🔗 For all he could tell, though, Moiraine might just as well have gone to sleep.
go underiri sub
go under
go under
go up
(ascend; increase; advance)
go up
(arise; ascend; rise)
go up
(arise; ascend; climb; mount)
go with
let go (release)malteni
(it goes without saying; naturally; obviously; of course)
🔗 That almost goes without saying.
(agent; instrument; intermediary; mediator)
(procession; progress)
🔗 Why are you not gone, then?