Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto give

angla → esperanto
(donate; grant; present; bestow; give as a present)
(administer; afford; allow; deal; confer; grant; impart; provide; spare; invest with; fetch)
🔗 Give him wine.
🔗 I gave stern instructions that she must sit in her chair.
🔗 Answer, and I give you meat at such time as you desire.
🔗 Before we give her to Elaida, Saerin, I want to dig out as much as we can.
(bring in)
(renounce; yield)
🔗 How could you give a sword like that away?
give back
(render; restore; return)
give birth to
(bear; farrow; beget; give birth)
🔗 Former Brexit minister David Jones said a deal was now only possible if the EU gave ground.
give offence (create a scandal)kaŭzi skandalon
give out
(administer; allocate; deal; distribute)
give rise to
(cause; inflict; provoke; result in; wreak; bring)
give to understand
(forgo; renounce; waive)
🔗 He would not give up.
give way
(accommodate; assign; grant; yield)