Angla–Esperanta vortaro

Esperanta traduko de la angla vorto catch

angla → esperanto
(apprehend; bag; captivate; grab; grapple; grasp; seize; trap; snare)
🔗 He catches the helmet, which now has over 20 holes in it, and gives it back to George.
(attain; encounter; find; hit; run up against; strike; befall; betide; ravage)
(capture; prey; seizure)
(appreciate; apprehend; comprehend; realize; understand; fathom)
(get; have; receive)
🔗 In years of high roe‐deer densities, the wolves still preferred to catch wild boar.
bayonet catch
(bayonet joint; bayonet lock)
bajoneta fermilo
(bajoneta junto; bajoneta kunigo)
bayonet catch
(bayonet joint; bayonet lock)
(bajoneta lampingo)
catch a cold
🔗 Then, after everyone takes a second to catch their breath , all hell will break loose.
window catch
(contagious; infectious)
(communicable; contagious; infectious)
(catch‐cry; slogan)